Bulk Submissions:

May 2020: Complete
June 2020: Complete
July 2020: Complete
August 2020: Complete
September 2020: Complete
October 2020: Complete
November 2020: Complete
December 2020: Complete

January 2021: Grading

February 2021: Grading

March 2021: N/A

April 2021: N/A

Economy Submissions:

May 2022: Stage 3 / 8 Research & ID
June 2022: Cut off 12th May
July 2020: Waitlist open

Express Submissions:

July 2020: Complete
August 2020: Complete
September 2020: Complete
October 2020: Complete
November 2020: Complete
December 2020: Complete

January 2021: Complete

February 2021: Complete

March 2021: N/A

April 2021: N/A

May 2021: N/A

June 2021: N/A

July 2021: Complete

August 2021: Complete

September 2021: Complete

October2021: Complete

November 2021: Complete

December 2021: Complete

January 2022: Complete

February 2022:  Complete

March 2022:  Complete

April 2022:  Complete

May 2022: Grading Stage 4/8

**Progress correct as of 10/05/2022**

Status Explanations:


The Submission has been scanned into PSA and is awaiting being added to the system, In the meantime, you can rest assured that your package is safely stored at the facility while it awaits opening and processing.

Order Entry:

Your submission is being entered into the PSA grading system. During the order entry process, all cards are accounted for and placed, along with the submission form, into an individual box for processing based on their service level.

Research & Id:

This is where your cards are checked and researched so that the correct information is notated on your card label.


The time has come for your cards to be sent into the grading room to be authenticated and graded by PSA’s grading team.

Graders evaluate the card, inspecting characteristics like centering, corners, edges and surface.
For cards that have successfully passed through the grading process, A Lighthouse™ label is generated containing the permanent identifiers found at the top of the card’s PSA holder. In the event that a card does not meet the requirements for grading, the card will be returned ungraded in the Card Saver, with the label adhered directly to the Card Saver.

You can familiarize yourself with PSA’s Grading Standards to further understand why a card would not meet the required standard for grading.


Each item and Lighthouse™ label are sonically sealed in PSA’s tamper-evident plastic holder for security and protection.


Quality Check 1:

A PSA grader will review each card for grade accuracy. If any changes are required, it is at this stage cards are returned to the PSA Labeling Department for the proper adjustments.

Quality Check 2:

Another PSA grader will recheck each card for grade accuracy. It’s important to understand that every card submitted to PSA gets evaluated, at minimum, by two graders.

Your order is now complete.