Bulk Submissions:

March 2021: Returned to customers
April 2021: Returned to customers
May 2021: Returned to customers
June 2021: Returned to customers
July 2021: Returned to customers

August 2021 with subgrades: Returned to Griffins 

August 2021 No Subgrades: Returned to customers

October 2021 with subgrades: Returned to customers

October 2021 No subgrades: Returned to customers

November 2021 with subgrades: Returned to customers

November 2021 No subgrades: Quality Control

December 2021 with subgrades: Quality Control

December 2021 No subgrades: Returned to Griffins

January 2022 with subgrades: Grading / Quality Control

January 2022 No subgrades: Returns to Griffins

February 2022 with subgrades: Returned to Customers

February 2022 No subgrades: Returned to Customers

March 2022 with subgrades: Grading / Quality Control

March 2022 No subgrades: Returned to Customers

April 2022 with subgrades: Grading / Quality control

April 2022 No subgrades: Grading / quality control

May 2022 with subgrades: scheduled for grading

May 2022 No subgrades: scheduled for grading

June 2022 No subgrades: cut off 21st May

June 2022 with subgrades: cut off 21st May

Express Submissions:

March 2021: Shipped to customers
April 2021: Shipped to customers
May 2021: Shipped to customers
June 2021: Shipped to customers
July 2021: Shipped to customers

August 2021: Shipped to customers

October 2021: Shipped to customers

November 2021: Shipped to customers

December 2021: Shipped to customers

January 2022: Shipped to customers

February 2022: Shipped to customers

March 2022: Quality Control

April 2022: Grading / quality Control

May 2022: Scheduled for grading

June 2022: cut off 21st May

**Progress correct as of 10/05/2022**

Status Explanations:

Received / In Process:

The submitted collectibles have been counted and entered in CGC’s computer system along with the submitter information, submission date and requested service.

Scheduled for Grading:

Each collectible has now been described in detail in CGC’s computer system and checked. A unique identification number has been assigned to each collectible based on the submission form number and line item number. These identification numbers are printed on temporary holders and will be used to track each collectible throughout CGC’s grading process.

Submissions are then arranged by date so that they can be graded on a "first in-first out" basis by service type.

Grading / Encapsulation / Imaging:

Collectibles are authenticated, graded and encapsulated. Once encapsulated, they are re-examined to verify that the grade and accompanying description is correct. The holder is also checked for defects such as scuffs or nicks.

After grading and encapsulation, collectibles are imaged.

Quality Control / Finalized:

Collectibles are inspected and approved in Quality Control before being carefully packaged to return.


Collectibles have been certified, imaged, inspected and approved in Quality Control, carefully packaged and are being shipped back. Grades are now available by request.